We can probably all agree that #COVID-19 will dominate the rest of 2020, and there’s a lot of sadness, fear and anxiety in the world right now. So where there’s a nugget of something, anything, that can lift our spirits, it should be celebrated (shout out Colonel Tom Moore!). Here’s a collection of some content that has surfaced mid lockdown that has made me smile, and might amuse you too. Please feel free to drop a note with any mood lifters you’ve found to be therapeutic, all gratefully received.

Tim Send of the National Cowboy Museum

  • Our US friends are under instruction to wear DIY face masks, with bra cups touted as a makeshift option. Helpful online tutorials showcase how to achieve the conversion and the secret to success seems to hinge upon how ample your assets are, as demonstrated by Teresa Dranger in this video. It’s probably one for the ladies, but the punchline is gold.

  • Many of our agency video conferences have digressed towards general chit chat around the box sets we’re watching. Tiger King has been a source of interest, especially for me given that it’s nice to know others own a wardrobe over-represented with cat print clothing. This trending picture struck me as a novel way to add value to a contact-less doorstep delivery, and why not? (For what it’s worth, I’m leaning to Yes…).

Tiger King vote for delivery fun