The Brief

The Tonic Communications was commissioned to work on Phase 2 of the nationwide Buzz Bingo club launch project, officially opening 15 clubs across the country in mid February with a lead time of just three weeks. VIP guests were to be chosen and media invited, with the ultimate goal of building the Buzz Bingo brand, inviting journalists to experience Bingo at the clubs, and maximising positive editorial coverage, delivering 100% coverage conversion.

The Results

The Tonic team successfully managed press visits and events across 15 clubs, taking responsibility for project and event management, from briefing Club managers to take photographs, recommending opportunities where professional photographers should be commissioned to maximise coverage, liaising with Clubs on VIP guest ideas and event handling, and developing and pitching media invitations and post-event stories. Key results achieved included:

40 pieces of coverage were generated, of which 100% were positive and contained key messaging about Buzz Bingo and its recent research into what Bingo means to different regions in Britain.

267% coverage conversion, with all club stories placed with media

-Over 2 million consumers were reached

15 links to from the coverage achieved

435 social media shares


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