The Tonic was tasked with leveraging the Vision Express partnership with Vision Matters for National Eye Health Week 2019 and the importance of eye tests.

Compelling customer case studies were identified to deliver the message of the importance of regular eye tests, with the Tonic team developing the story of a mum whose two-year-old was diagnosed with a brain tumour as a result of a crucial eye test.

Between 25-30 September 2019, The Tonic secured 299 pieces of coverage, reaching 168 million people and delivering an AVE of around £500k.

Media outlets covering the story included Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, New York Post, MSN, Yahoo, Metro, Sky News and most UK regional newspapers. Broadcast coverage generated included a primetime Channel 5 News segment, and the Vision Express optometrist featured on BBC’s The One Show on 1 October 2019.

As a direct result of Tonic’s eye health related work, average weekly eye test bookings have increased exponentially – by over 150%. Website visits were boosted YOY by 38%, and 17% more people attended their eye test YOY.

It was silver winner in the BOC PR & Marketing Brilliance Awards 2019 and is a finalist for the upcoming PR Moment Awards 2020 and Marketing Week Masters 2020, in the Healthcare categories for each.

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