In the UK, the silly season is defined as the period of time during the summer when there are lots of frivolous stories in the media.
With the summer holidays upon us, that time is now so we can expect to see the emergence of some off-the-wall tales making headlines in the news.
It’s a time when it is historically quiet politically, some firms have a factory holiday shutdown, while in the sports pages of newspapers there are rumour mills gathering pace about which F1 driver will be racing for which Formula One team next and which top footballers will be gracing the Premier League during the new season.
But is there such a thing as the silly season in the PR world?
If there is then it is dying a death. That is because where as in the past many journalists would also have been on their holidays during late July and August, the advent of 24-hour news means there is now a constant demand for news.
There are also now many influencers who are just a click away from posting up their latest thoughts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and who either don’t take a summer break or take their social media activity on holiday with them.
A PR agency’s client base also plays a big factor into how busy the so-called summer recess is. Here at The Tonic Communications, we are currently promoting the profile of Northumbria University and the summer is arguably as busy as the rest of the year in PR terms – because of the annual Clearing cycle.
From August 15, hundreds of staff and students at Northumbria will be helping thousands of prospective students try to find a suitable course for them for the next academic year following on from them receiving their A-level results. So for Northumbria things don’t stop when the holidays start.
Then there are the long-running news stories which will continue to gather momentum and interest from the public whatever time of year it is. Brexit is one of those topics where a new angle will always be found whatever the time of year.
And it’s not just news either. The summer period is a good time to explore research opportunities for clients, plan thought leadership columns and seek speaking opportunities at forthcoming conferences.
All these factors ensure that the once traditional summer silly season really is becoming a thing of the past.
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