Did you know a 30 second advert during the legendary Super Bowl will set you back 5 million dollars?

You might think, is it even worth it? Last year $419 million were spent on Super Bowl advertising, so a lot of people in the industry definitely think so. Especially when you consider that this has almost doubled in the last five years. More and more brands are fighting for their 30 seconds of Super Bowl advertising fame. Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental elements making up the top 2018 Super Bowl ads…

  1. Humour: The political offerings from 2017 were left where they belong, allowing for comedy to steal the show in 2018.
  2. Celebrities: Combining humour and celebrities seems to be the winning mix.  M&M turning into Danny DeVito and Martha Stewart feuding with fast food giant Jack In The Box were just a couple that resonated well with viewers.
  3. Movies: Essentially 30-60 second trailers for upcoming movies received positive reactions online during match day, including Solo: ‘A Star Wars’ Story and Marvels ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

Big players do well in the game of Super Bowl ads, but how can small brands utilise the biggest day in worldwide sport to boost reputation?

Social media explodes with Super Bowl content that can provide brands with opportunities to grab their (much cheaper) 30 seconds of ‘fame’.

“What Twitter provides a brand for the Super Bowl is an opportunity: everyone is watching the same thing and commenting on Twitter about the game or the ads. A brand can really take advantage of that engaged audience”- Ryan Oliver, Twitter’s head of brand strategy

You may recall five years ago Oreo stole the social media show when a technical issue caused a power outage, throwing viewers and dunkers alike into darkness. Yes, Oreo is a big brand but smaller brands can learn some vital things from this:

  • Timing is everything. Set out some draft tweets before the game but be prepared to react as the action unfolds
  • Is it visually engaging? Images could work much better than lengthy worded post, especially in a sea of #SuperBowl tweets for example
  • Show personality. Every brand has a personality so let it shine, whether that’s jokey tweets or informative posts. Showcase what you do best.

Of course some brands have attempted to tap into Super bowl fever with disastrous consequences – such as Groupon’s Tibetan catastrophe – but handled well, the Super bowl gives brands a valuable opportunity to get creative to engage with a mass audience and hijack their attention. If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing campaign, The Tonic Comms is an award-winning creative agency with an expert team full of ideas. Find out how we could help you by getting in touch here.