Emojis have become something of a global phenomenon over the past year – no longer just a plaything constrained to Japanese teens, now even the Wall Street Journal is available in an emoji-only format. So, imagine our excitement when we were invited to handle the PR for an emoji-led social network.

Emojis, if you’re not familiar, are the picture symbol trend which began in Japan; the smileys we add to our Facebook posts, texts and instant messages.

From our Newcastle PR we were asked by Clicksco Labs to launch Emojicate – a first-of-its-kind emoji-only social channel where users can post updates using its own custom-made emojis.

Emojicate allows users to chat with one another one-on-one or post public timeline updates. It’s available as an iOS download in the App Store and the android version is coming soon…

Here at The Tonic we’re no stranger to the tech world – over the years our team has worked on many tech start-ups and new app launches, covering everything from social games and social channels to retail technologies and market research solutions. But what struck us with this campaign was how quickly the news went globally viral and how months on, regular content about Emojicate is still being developed and shared, using our initial news story as the basis.

With TechCrunch taking our exclusive on the story we knew that alone would secure excellent syndication across the web and help drive downloads. And it did – after just two days, Emojicate was listed as the number two social app download in Denmark, even higher than Facebook and WhatsApp!

But it hasn’t ended there. Bloggers, tech writers and forums have run the story too and we’ve seen Emojicate and the emoji phenomenon talked about across the world in Russian chatrooms, Chinese news sites and mainstream America newspapers.  More recently, The Guardian and Wall Street Journal have also featured articles.

The best thing for us has been getting under the skin of a disruptive innovation which is not only riding the crest of a wave but also lots of fun. It’s certainly given us something to smile about!