The food and drink market is becoming ever more saturated, with a predicted growth rate of 2.5% over the next two years, according to the UK Restaurant Marketing report. So for any foodie business it’s essential to stand out, making a public relations strategy a must.

Opening a new restaurant or launching a new product, or any business for that matter, takes meticulous research and planning and understanding the market and your audiences, is key.

With great credentials in food and beverage PR, here are our top tips:

  1. Establish your goals

Decide what you want to achieve from your PR. Do you want to raise awareness in the local community to attract visitors? How will engaging with key influencers within the industry, such as food writers and bloggers, help? What resource do you have in place, to handle PR? Setting a plan from the get go will help you concentrate your efforts on the right activities, while putting you in the best position for reaping results.

  1. Be sociable

Connect with customers from the outset by being prevalent on social media platforms. Set up  Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts prior to any launch activity and create a buzz with your key audiences. If you’re opening a local café for example, start connecting with local people and businesses, so they get excited for your opening. Use social too to build relationships with food bloggers and writers and engage with them by creating exciting but relevant content.

  1. Create a buzz

The best way to build up momentum for your brand or business is to speak to the local media. Invite them along to your launch or opening, arrange an interview and plan a picture.. Local newspapers and radio stations love to support regional stories so give them a call and tell them all about your plans. Don’t forget bloggers – invite them along to any openings you have planned – they tend to be great across social media platforms, so it provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with them before and after an event.

  1. Keep up the momentum

If you’ve made an effort to create a name for yourself don’t let it slip. Make sure you keep delivering fresh content on your social media channels and communicate with your fans and follows. Nurture those media relationships too by keeping them abreast of any new developments within your business that may be relevant to them.

Take a look at the PR activity we did for online butcher Great British Meat Co and email us if you’d like help with your food and drink PR.