In a controversial move, Twitter is reportedly close to unveiling an update that will increase the character limit in each tweet from the famous 140 to a massive 10,000.

The change has been reported since as far back as September and has seen a spectrum of views from existing Twitter users- just check out #Twitter10K.

But how will the change affect the way we as PRs and marketers use Twitter, and more importantly how will it affect how consumers use the service. Is it not that exact brevity of tweets that makes Twitter as a social service so unique and engaging?

Maybe not. When you delve a little deeper there are several ‘perks’ of the character limit extension, particularly for companies using the service.

  1. Twitter will continue to keep a staging area at 140 characters which will allow users to continue to create punchier leads into a fuller piece- for example a snappy blog title. There will then be a ‘read more’ button, which means reading the extended content is still in the hands of the user.
  2. More content means more analytics, meaning it will become easier to gain an insight into audience and consumers which will give brands the ability to target people in a more personal way.
  3. The search tool will become dramatically improved due to the increase in content and therefore findability will also be improved.
  4. Customer service on Twitter should improve as it allows an extended way of articulating an issue for consumers and an easier way to explain a situation for businesses.
  5. Communication will improve as tagging multiple users in tweets will no longer take up valuable character space.

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