To many of us, protection might mean burly security guards, having a guard dog or learning some handy self-defence moves. In the business world, it’s about safeguarding your intellectual property – basically the creations of the mind that are part and parcel of your work. So how well ®you protected?

As we near World Intellectual Property Day on Sunday 26th April, we’re excited to have registered the trade mark for our brand. That means we get to put a little R next to our name; The Tonic Communications®!

Exciting news, huh? Well maybe not, but World IP Day serves as a timely reminder that IP is important for businesses of all sizes, whether a PR agency like us or a high-tech start-up, wedding photographer or music composer.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been proud to work with the Business & IP Centre Newcastle and Real Creative Futures in Nottingham. These ERDF-funded programmes provide advice and support to people and businesses in the North East and East Midlands respectively, and they both know a thing or two (a lot more, actually) about IP.

A free seminar at BIPC, sharing its first-hand knowledge and legal advice, encouraged us to consider trade marking our brand. It means all our hard work building up the profile of the business in the UK is safe. So, we’ll be legally protected from anyone using our brand name and operating in the same industry.

No security guards, self-defence or Rottweilers required.