Digital content is the minefield of 21st century marketing. As yet, there is no rulebook and as new platforms for digital content appear every day, it can be hard for businesses to keep up. One thing is certain – content strategy cannot be left to stagnate and must evolve at the same rate as technology and audiences.

Following a whirlwind year of GDPR updates and algorithm overhauls, at The Tonic we are re-evaluating our approach to digital content, with the help of our trusted partners. A recent Agility PR Solutions session explored how to revisit content strategy to maximise its efficacy.

Research developed by MarketingProfs showed that only 1 in 3 communicators know that their content strategy is effective. Given the importance of digital content in a marketing strategy, this statistic is worryingly low, suggesting that over half of the content being shared isn’t resonating with audiences. The research also showed that 85% of the most successful communicators prioritise quality over quantity. Quite right, so how can we ensure that our content meets quality benchmarks?

The three main factors cited when developing content are squad, story and sound. Regularly challenging our assumptions around these will help us keep our content strategies fresh and our content engaging.

Your audience, or squad, should be your highest priority. All content must respond directly to a want or need within your audience. Building pathological empathy with them is the key to identifying what content this will be. Developing empathy helps to build a deep understanding of the problems they face, and content can then be tailored around offering a solution to these issues. Only share content that adds value to your squad’s day and this will result in higher engagement. Furthermore, showing that you understand their problems will build camaraderie between brand and customer.

Content should illustrate a brand story, which digs down deep into the root of the audience’s problems. The resolution of this story should be evident in your brand’s products or services, but emotionally engaging storytelling is the best way to establish a connection between brand and audience. Equally, audiences are telling marketers stories through their use of digital platforms. Utilising data of website traffic and social media platforms will show which pages are proving the most engaging, indicating where future content effort should be focused.

Your sound is your brand’s tone of voice, which defines the who, what and why of your brand, without having to spell it out. It is heralded as one of the most undervalued tools of communication. Following GDPR and social media algorithms, audiences are more refined than ever, freeing you to use your authentic voice, rather than adjusting it to suit the masses. This gives marketers the opportunity to target audiences as individuals, communicating with them in a conversational and personable way.

When the story told, and the tone of voice used, resonate with audiences as authentic and worthwhile, then the reach and value of content truly becomes worth the time spent in generating it. At The Tonic Communications, our work is results driven and our team is constantly evolving the way we communicate on behalf of our clients. If you’re looking for an award-winning agency, which can offer national and regional media relations expertise across a range of sectors, please get in touch with us.