As we say goodbye to 2013, the year we launched our Newcastle and Nottingham PR agencies, we can’t help but be excited for what 2014 holds. We may only just be entering January but already our planner of events, campaigns and activity is brimmed full for the year. In the industry too, we are intrigued to see how PR will continue to evolve and below we’ve outlined our thoughts for 2014.

Increased prominence and integration with SEO – changes to Google’s webmaster tools back in 2013 meant the way link-building was managed by SEO agencies needed to experience something of an overhaul. Google stressed the importance of relevance when undertaking any content creation which was being used for linking purposes and at the back end of 2013 these changes were notably felt by the PR industry too. In 2014 we anticipate seeing more SEO agencies and PR agencies working closer together to ensure the backend management of campaigns is supported with the pitch and creation of relevant and high quality content.

Further decline of print coverage with concurrent growth of online – whilst this isn’t really anything new, online has been building pace while print has been declining for the past five years, the real change this year, we think, will be the acceptance by clients to truly recognise the value of online coverage over print. Although large brands and corporates have for years understood the importance of online results for the associated SEO and share-ability benefits, some of the smaller businesses have always preferred to see their name in print.

Introduction of more b2b specific social media campaigns – by the end of 2013 it was evident that the majority of consumer brands, whatever their size, had realised the importance of social media as a tool for customer service and building brand. In the b2b sector, however, there has continued to be resistance with many business uncertain of what benefits social media can provide. This year we anticipate seeing significant changes, with this nervousness being reduced and many businesses turning to channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Vine to help build brand.