Living in the digital age, we are subjected to more photos now than ever before.

With over 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2017, and 400 million of those actively using Instagram every day, pictures really help capture what we want, need and even expect, from a product or service.

And, in some instances, we didn’t even know we needed something until we scrolled over a very persuasive image!

So, when it comes to PR, an investment in photography is an essential consideration. Supporting your messages with strong imagery, can put you head and shoulders above the competition by presenting the very best representation of your product, brand or company.

From social media posts to grand launch events, every opportunity which could be enhanced with creative photography should be executed with professionalism. A display of poor photography could potentially be damaging and a real turn-off for prospective customers.

That’s why investing in a quality photographer is always worth the return. It may seem like an expensive outlay, but consider this – you can’t go back in time and recreate a product launch or red-carpet event, so getting photography right the first time, is key.

High-quality and well considered photography, alongside well-crafted content, will help bring your product or service to life; capturing the moment to tell your brand story. Blurred, grainy images with bad lighting and awkward angles on the other hand, certainly won’t meet your expectations or that of your audiences. And with news being digested faster than ever before, the importance of getting it right first time is essential.

To make things picture perfect, here’s our helpful tips for choosing and working with photographers:

  1. Do your research – look through a photographer’s portfolio to get a good feel for their style and if it would suit your needs. If a photographer does a lot of product shoots perhaps they are less familiar with large-scale people-centric corporate events? As with any discipline, some photographers are going to be more skilled in some areas than others.
  2. Brief your photographer – once you’ve found your photographer, it is important to supply them with a thorough brief of your requirements. Giving them the who, what, when, where and why of the job, along with key shots, contacts and an overview of your objectives means they can capture exactly what you need and be prepared before they arrive at the shoot.
  3. Specific requirement – before you send over the final brief for the job, it is important to consider any other important details. For example, a consent form for the release of the photos may need to be completed. This is particularly important for any under 18’s who will need a parent or guardian to give consent on their behalf. Asking for photo captions with correct spellings of names is also important, as this can save time when sending images to media or sharing them on social media.
  4. Manage your contacts – keep a log of the photographers you have worked with to track the types of shots they’ve done for you, how well they met your brief and other details like key contacts, costs and terms.

At both our Nottingham, London and Newcastle PR offices, we have forged long-standing relationships with some of the UK’s best photographers to ensure our clients always get the best imagery for every campaign. To find out more about how photography can enhance your business, contact us now.