Our country appears to be in a state of paralysis at present. We have now had three years of negotiations around Brexit and a Government merry-go-round that seems unlikely to stop.

Talks of general elections, races for leadership, politicians defecting to other parties, policy wrangles, squabbling and in-fighting within the House of Commons, not to mention what is happening with the House of Lords.

It’s all a bit of a mess.

What has become a soap opera unfolding before our very eyes when no-one knows what is going to happen next has become a dream for the many media outlets who have more content than they know what to do with.

With such unrest in the UK at present, and deadlines for action coming and going, it provides journalists with endless commentary to talk about – perfect in the advent of 24-hour news.

But how does this national uncertainty affect the PR world in terms of trying to generate coverage? There are potentially two schools of thought. The first is that an already packed news agenda means there is no room for people to get their message out effectively on behalf of their clients. The second is that the opportunity is there to reach out to the media to give them different story ideas and campaigns that provide respite from the endless Brexit-filled themes.

Some PR agencies may take the view that for really big announcements it might be worth waiting for a few more months to push for publicity. This might work as long as their announcements are not time sensitive. But a more creative way to look at the political landscape is to see what opportunities exist in this present moment.

How will Brexit affect your clients? What Government announcements can be seized on for comment? Is there anything being announced in terms of policy ideas worth linking a news angle to?

The media might well be grateful to have other voices to include in their coverage alongside the endless stream of politicians lining up to give their view and make their voice heard. Not only that, but if a client has something really compelling to say they could find themselves on the news agenda not only now but also in the future as the story develops.

So it is always worth keeping eyes and ears open for potential opportunities because the current situation could go on for months and months – and months!

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