The sharing of information within a business is a crucial element of a holistic comms strategy, and at The Tonic we can offer senior internal communications and stakeholder relations experience. Our corporate communications track record includes:

• Managing significant acquisition activity on behalf of national brands
• Devising and implementing complex trading results strategies
• Developing staff communications for a major organisational change incorporating redundancy and a review of employee remuneration
• Compiling information and briefings for MPs and Councillors to rally organisational support
• Being a lead partner for a client’s national CSR project spanning six charities, reporting to key parties and maximising positive results from the strategic collaborations
• Writing and editing stakeholder magazines and newsletters
• Engaging target businesses to build partnerships for mutual benefit
• Developing packages and securing sponsorship from corporate partners
• Creating high-level stakeholder relations strategies

When the media comes calling, it’s imperative to have a company spokesperson – or spokespeople – who know the subject matter inside out, but are also experienced in how to best manage a range of interview scenarios. At The Tonic we have extensive experience in managing media interviews, and can offer a number of bespoke training packages. These can be studio-based or at your premises, and will offer practical tips, such as:

• Interview preparation: selecting key messages and sticking to them
• Use of facts alongside anecdotes/examples
• Avoiding hypotheticals and jargon
• Non-verbal communication dos and don’ts
• Tactics to steer an interview
• The technique of ‘signposting’
• Why you should avoid ‘no comment’

Whatever your corporate communications challenge, the Tonic team is keen to find out more. Get in touch to find out how we could help.

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