Being a digital PR native is a pre-requisite of being part of the Tonic team. With a good grasp of the tech behind digital, we approach this from a content perspective – because providing compelling content that will interest the target audience is crucial to drive traffic to a company’s website and deliver leads.

Of course, public relations helps nurture valuable interactions with customers at the top of the marketing funnel, but it can also impact conversion.

An effective digital PR plan should combine brand awareness with link building, aligning to the SEO strategy. We would look at what keywords you’re optimising, your landing pages, and what behavior you want to effect within your target audiences. The user journey is at the heart of how we plan a digital PR campaign.

We would agree relevant KPIs with you, which compliment your SEO goals. Possible tactics we can employ include

  • developing compelling articles or bylines – based on traditional, creative PR practice
  • pitching content to high quality external sites
  • placing stories and assets with partners that are authentic and will be viewed favourably by search engines.
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