In The Tonic Comms Blog

So, here at Tonic we’ve got a shiny new website, and if you’re reading this, hopefully you may have had a gander and be suitably impressed.

As anyone who has ever had a website knows, getting one overhauled can be a long and expensive process. It involves tasks such as configuring a site map, hours spent studying a plethora of only marginally different fonts, sizing and re-sizing a logo, and ensuring the end product will look decent on any device known to man, (and yet to be discovered), plus much more besides. Ours wasn’t as painstaking an experience as some former agencies and business associates have reported. We had it all done and dusted within a few weeks. Upon embarking on the process, horror stories abound of websites taking over a year to come to fruition, but not for the Tonic. We’re way too impatient for that.

When the day finally arrived earlier this month for the button to be pushed unveiling our site, what did we do to mark the milestone? We did nothing. Because, while this has been a labour of love for us (and perhaps just a labour for our great team of developers!), we acknowledge that ultimately no-one else cares about our website. And nor should they.

You see, while a website is a crucial new business tool and a shop window to showcase your wares, a PR opportunity in itself it is not. In our PR experience – spanning more years than we publicly like to admit – many clients have flagged new websites as being a source of news. To set the record straight – it rarely ever is.

Of course, there are always exceptions. If the website is actually ground-breaking in its development and functionality, tech media may be keen to find out more. If the website is an ecommerce site launching a new fashion range, the fashion and lifestyle press can be engaged. Or, if the website is new because the business venture is too, then you’ve got a start-up tale to tell to regional, business and specialist media.

But in our case, we’ve simply got a new website that we are modestly pleased with. Therefore, while we’re not going to use this space to shamelessly promote ourselves, we invite you to take a look around and let us know what you think.