There are lots of different ways a message can be tailored to achieve the goal of getting a particular message across. Here, we’ve selected five of our favourite examples from 2015 which take a slightly more off-the-wall approach.

Appealing to the senses worked for US meat manufacturer Oscar Mayer, who created the world’s first branded alarm clock which delivers the smell of cooking bacon to wake you.


There’s a lot to be said for making sure you answer your customers on social media. Virgin Trains took that to the ultimate level when confronted on Twitter by a passenger in an awkward situation…


Serious messages, too, needn’t always be, well, ‘serious’. Realising that the best way to talk to your audience is to go where they already are, a Swedish health organisation built a “clinic” to target young gamers in Minecraft.


Shock tactics are a tried and trusted way of getting a message across. The Red Cross in Antwerp, Belgium, invited journalists to a press conference, then staged a huge car crash en route. Shocking, maybe, but a great visual reminder of what the Red Cross does.


And finally, there’s good old fashioned bribery. What if Carlsberg made advertising hoardings…? Well, when they do, they actually dispense beer, as users of this billboard found out for a short time. Cheers, and Happy New Year!