In a world where the Internet of Things (IoT) promises new innovations to make our lives easier, often with technologies we didn’t even know we cared about (bed-making app, anyone?), PR has become even more critical in turning possibilities into realities.

Most of today’s technologies rely on public awareness and understanding, support, and inevitably, action. But with a daily influx of new tech hitting the mainstream, which inventions are securing media coverage with subsequent success, and why?

At The Tonic Communications, we’re no stranger to technology PR and feel passionate about all things tech, so we know a thing or two about how to best support our clients in this rapidly-evolving industry.

One of the ways we do this is by monitoring current trends and upcoming releases, which leads us to a perfect example of a new app managing to make headlines.

We read on the BBC’s Technology round up, of the Babee on Board app, which aims to help pregnant women find seats on public transport.

And it wasn’t just The Beeb featuring the app’s release, widespread coverage was achieved including Yahoo! News, The Independent and Evening Standard. Metro even chose to share its story to its 1.5 million-strong Facebook audience.

So how did an app launch, one of some 2.2 million now available for download just on the App Store, manage to infiltrate the noise?

A story about a new piece of technology alone is unlikely to hit the headlines. What makes it interesting is looking beyond the subject matter, and why it is appealing.

Basically, the same rules of what makes a good PR story apply – we mustn’t forget to ask ‘who cares?’, and take an imaginative, strategic approach to ensure cut-through.

In this instance, what makes the Babee on Board app launch newsworthy is its ability to tick many of the boxes journalists are looking for. Is it new? Tick. Is it relevant? Tick. Is it topical? Tick. Does it work? Tick. Is there a human interest angle? Tick.

Not only is the app a modern take on Transport for London’s physical Baby on Board badge, it also addresses a well-known public transport pitfall – one picked up by several national media titles after a Tube-travelling mum-to-be exposed her fellow commuters for ignoring her badge’s plea for a seat.

A secretly-filmed video of the passenger’s arduous journey went viral last year after being shared on social media. The story culminated with clips of travellers staring at their phones rather than looking up to notice the heavily pregnant woman being splashed across the likes of the Huffington Post, Express and Daily Mail.

While the success of the seat alert tech is yet to be seen, its developers will certainly benefit from the media exposure already gained – especially when in talks with other brands about integrating it into their apps and operating systems.

Whether you’re a new tech start-up seeking funding, an established global technology giant looking to recruit fresh young talent, or have an exciting new app poised to change the world, The Tonic Communications can offer you a high impact technology PR campaign that will be heard. And we always care.

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