Each year, Lord Sugar’s rigorous employment process puts a predictable range of candidates through a similarly foreseeable range of tasks.

They’ll all come up with a self-assured comment to introduce themselves to the world before the programme airs.

They’ve even already powered through some of the onerous tasks such as selling food on the street, where the teams annoy the already hassled commuters of London and force £9 salads upon them!

Naturally, Britain was shocked that someone could be so stupid.

They’ve also made an advert with so many innuendos it makes your skin crawl.

It’s a laugh, and moreover, it’s incredibly and addictively entertaining, but there’s also of similarities with how the PR industry works. For the candidates, the whole process is about selling themselves to their investor, Lord Sugar.  Similarly, in PR, a big part of the role is pitching your client’s news to relevant journalists.

So, here’s some Tonic tips for the remaining Apprentice candidates and future ones too:

  1. Have confidence, but don’t over sell yourself.

It’s important to have faith in yourself and conviction in what you say, but if you embellish facts you’ve got a lot further to fall when people find out the truth! In PR it is essential that any news you share is accurate and correct – make up tall tales to bolster a story may seem a good way to garner interest but it’s unethical and could have seriously negative connotations.

  1. Make yourself likeable.

It’s a dog eat dog world, but no one ever said you were going to get anywhere by stepping on other people’s toes. Until the end, the Apprentice is essentially team based and, if you don’t pull your weight, you won’t be coming back to the board room. This is a reminder for the everyday life, too. Be nice to those you work and associate with because you never know when you might need them as a connection.

  1. Remember you’re live on BBC One!

You’re not practicing in your bathroom mirror anymore, you really are live on BBC One (please do not swear). Millions of people are watching your every move. Let that sink in for a moment and filter the things that come out of your mouth. You’re trying to paint yourself in a positive light. Just like when you write a press release, it’s important to remember your audience and the amount of people that will see your words. Always double check what you’re saying is delivering the right message and is in keeping with your brand.

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