Communicating during COVID – The Tonic’s lockdown showcase

Rainbow for NHS

Communicating during COVID-19 presented challenges to many businesses.

The Tonic helped its clients navigate the noisy media landscape, developing newsworthy content that achieved national results.

Check out what we’ve been up to since the pandemic hit, in this short video

This showcases how:

  • Communicating during COVID is important – your network will want to know what you’re doing. Silence – including halting all marketing – is not a safety net. It is a risk.
  • Audit your comms, across all channels, and sense check that the messages you’re using are still relevant and, crucially, are empathetic to the concerns and priorities of your stakeholders
  • Interrogate what you, and your business, can add to the pandemic debate, and consider carefully the pros and cons of putting your brand into the spotlight

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