Why choose a specialist healthcare communications agency?

Over the years we’ve carved a specialism as a leading healthcare communications agency, and this was reinforced by our PRWeek top 150 healthcare agencies listing (we’re in the top 40!)

In our latest blog, we answer the question often asked of us. Do I need a specialist healthcare communications agency?

Up-to-date healthcare contacts

The Tonic keeps an up-to-date database of journalists and planners including freelancers. This includes those we work closely with to place stories and interviews. As COVID is changing the face of news, making sure we speak to the right contacts at the right time, with the right angle, means we avoid wasting anyone’s time. We always take care to match a story to the correct journalist, reviewing what they have recently covered, and how it aligns with our client’s news.

Understanding and responding to news value

COVID-19 has shifted the news agenda. And, journalists are inundated with hundreds of emails every day. That’s why we strongly believe that PR activity needs to be news-led.

We make a decision on how each and every story should be used. What is of interest to the media? Would it work better as a blog? Or, could social media content or multimedia assets be best?

Balancing the required outcomes for our clients with expected results means we always choose quality over quantity.

Specialist understanding of healthcare audiences and media

While we don’t promise to be health, wellbeing or medical experts, we do have specialist understanding of what target audiences in these sectors are interested in. We interrogate:

  • what publications they are reading
  • the shows and programmes they are viewing
  • any other content channels they are engaging with

Thanks to this understanding we can ensure materials we produce and place are fit for purpose, making them interesting to media and of value to the client.

Plenty of variety

There are lots of different ways to communicate with your customers. Our skillset is to sniff out a good story and recommend the best way to tell it. Plus, we can get it to the right people in a way that’s interesting to them. Releasing a complicated white paper to the masses? An animated video of the findings might be best. Or, dispelling the myths on a complex health complaint? Put forward a spokesperson.

We turn complicated or in-depth studies into easily digestible news. See this State of the Nation campaign for our client, healthcare testing company, Medichecks.

Preparation is key

Prepare to fail, don’t fail to prepare. How? We do this by ticking actions off our checklist. Things like:

  • are our spokespeople available and briefed?
  • are our supporting materials approved, and where they should be?
  • is today a good day to go live, or has a story broken that will consume the day’s headlines?

Failing to prepare from the outset could have implications down the line, potentially jeopardising the story and the journalist relationship.

Continual evaluation

It’s imperative to be honest with our clients (and ourselves) about what worked well and what didn’t – because this means each subsequent campaign can be finely tuned based on the most recent experience.

If you’re looking for a healthcare communications agency and would like to learn more about our healthcare PR expertise please get in touch.

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